Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Senator from Blagoland

According to American Pravda (AP) news, Rolland Burris will get to take over President-electo Obama's senate seat now. Unlikely as this seemed only a week ago. Dumbkoff Harry Reid has been under a lot of pressure to sweep this side show under the rug before the coronation of Mr. Socialista Fabuloso. Of course, the fact that Burris claimed he had no contact Gov. Rod Blagojovich or his aides and then said he talked to Blago's former chief of staff made no difference. That little tidbit reported by ABC news caused no stir since no one wants to hold up the joyous march to communism. The fact that he could be mixed up in conspiracy, bribery etc. . . means nothing to the media ding-a-lings. Under Bush, where there was smoke, there was a raging inferno. For Obama, openly shading doings or crooked nutjobs like Blago are no big deal, government as usual. Ignore that man behind the curtain.

There's little point mulling over the moronic justifications offered by Reid and fellow goober Dicky Durbin. Point is, they got the live Democratic body they wanted to pass their gargantuan spending bill and they'll let CNN move the eyeballs onto something else. There's no time to waste when there's money to be swiped.

In the tradition of Blago, we know that everything has a price, Now, we find out the price of the latest orgy of spending, I mean, stimulus, is $775 Billion. That happens to be almost the exact amount the Death tax will be raised to. Tax the rich? Sure, if you own a business or family farm you are now officially rich. Thus, when you die Obama may sock it to your heirs so hard, they have to sell to pay the taxes. And what happens if they have a profit? Then they pay capital gains to the Obamster and he gets more taxes, I mean investable income. If you had a loss, well then you simply lose money and Obama couldn't give a rat's behind. They never get a chance to fix up the farm or business to make it profitable because they've got to do their patriotic duty as big spenders Obama/Biden force them to sell to pay for more waste. Neat, huh?

This is only the beginning. Everybody ought to have a Senator from Blago. I'll do you one better. I'll give you a President from Blagoland and he's coming soon to a country near you. Of course, as the old saying from prison goes, you play you pay. We're about to pay for his play. So, enjoy. Just sit back, enjoy the show and don't bother checking your wallet, it's empty. That cumbersome weight has been removed by Senator Knows Better, nay, President Knows Better. Don't you feel better in Blagoland?

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