Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ride the WAAAAAAAve in '09

As we mosey into the new year, initially we always surrounded by this banter about what's so splendidly new trendy and fabulous. Of course, Presidente-to-be is new and shiny with his new brand of politics which brandishes the same old carrots and sticks, but with snazzy new language. What was in years past a gas tax is now a carbon tax. It's a little more abstract and sounds enviro-wonkish. We know Obama loves abstract, since then you can't pin his squirmy, scrawny policies down.

Of course, when it's comes to the Obama Seat Scandal, he's very specific that the people on his team didn't do anything wrong. It's all in a report Obama so diligently created himself and generously gave to the A.P. (American Pravda) which then trumpeted that Obama had been cleared by a report. Though they neglected to include in the headline that Obama had investigated himself and cleared himself. Nixon should have tried that trick. Unfortunately, Tricky Dick didn't have the majority of the thankfully crumbling media in his back pocket.

Between the new ways to lie and the new lies about ways, we are going to have bumper crop of things to talk about. It's new that two of the three branches are in Democratic hands. Hands that know only two things: taxing and spending. Taxes have and will be dressed up as "fairness" (JFK said "life isn't fair") "investment" (you get money back from an investment) and my favorite "patriotic." ( I guess the Founding Fathers should have shut up and paid King George his taxes)

The new ways and means will be a craven dog Congress and a ridiculously slavish media establishment. Expect three types of stories crime puff pieces like OJ to distract, the Obama puff pieces like what his dog's name will be (Blago? here boy, ) and attack stuff about dose evil Republicans (cue The Empire Strikes Back music)

Boba Phett: "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me"
Vader: "The Empire will compensate you, if he dies. Put him in!"

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

It will be a very tough year. No amount of P.R. can hide that fact. In fact, the incredible fiscal mismanagement that took place under Bush looks to continue in 2009. Obama may try his best, but he simply has no experience, no finance background and too little time to climb the learning curve. The full faith and credit of the U.S. Government is on the line. With Neophyte Obama, Klink/Peliosi, Schultze/Reid and so-past-their-expiration-dates Frank, Schumer, Dingel, Rangel etc. . . . we're going down for a hard count. So what's a soul to do? Odd you should ask, since next time I'll be giving wave riding tips. Until then, as they say in Obama vacation land, (Hawaii) never turn your back on the ocean. Face the wave and bite it.

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