Monday, January 5, 2009

Holy Jettisoning Jewelry!! A Madoff Sequel

Now, it could be just me, since I'm a rather simple fellow, but shouldn't a guy who orchestrated the biggest scam or more plainly theft in US history be held in jail without bail. Nobody has committed fraud on this level and this guy gets "home confinement!?" I mean if ever there was a flight risk, this guy has got to be it. Out of the thousands of lives ruined, you would figure that Madoff would think that somebody would seriously want him taking a dirt nap and split the country.
I don't have a doctorate from some ivy or anything, so maybe the Feds or the NY A.G. (where the heck is a rabid dog like Spitzer when you need him. Sure he was Mr. Kinky, but he never missed a chance to perp walk someone right into the cozy confines of a cell) or NYC aristocracy have some stellar reason for keeping this guy out that I can't see. Maybe they all lost money to him and feel stupid about it too.
Now, according to Bloomberg, Madoff is sending jewelry to his kids and some couple in Florida. I mean come on. The guy's a thief and he's getting away with goods in front of 300 million people!!

Hello, Hello?? Is anybody on duty in our government? Bush should get a shotgun, go to NYC and drag this guy's butt down to The Tombs immediately. I know, I know the response would be more like this: Bush: "We know he's a threat and we're working round the ummm clock. The American people need to know every things being underdone, to, you know, get him." Huh?

Of course, Obama could open his mouth too and say something substantial, but that's out of character. Obama: "Right now we're engaged in a serious study of options as they relate to him, to ascertain a plan that's both efficient and cost effective. All options are on the table. You''ll hear from us very soon. No more questions at this time." Snoooooze.

Uh, guys, I hate to break it to you. He's laughing at you. That's why in odd moments getting into his car outside his condo, you see that little smirk steal across his face. To him, you're a joke that just keeps on playing along. The Joker in Batman couldn't ask for more. In fact, at least, Batman, Com. Gordon and Chief O'Hara (bless his soul) nabbed the Joker once in a while. This guy Madoff has always gotten away with it and he's still doin it! Have some self-respect and throw this confessed weasel in the can. Rise from your lethargy of nincompoopery !!

That's it. Chief, get me the Bat Phone!

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